Welcome to Legion Weekly episode two!

In this semi-weekly segment, I'll be doing a quick rundown of the latest news and highlights in the Legion Community. If you want to quickly get caught up, but don't have time to browse the full site, this is the perfect show!

Featured this week:

What do you think of this video series idea? Looking to see more? Any suggestions for segments we should add or tweak? Let me know below!

  • Yeah they are pretty good. I don’t watch all of them but when I do I do watch all of it. They are pretty good! 

  • Thank you for this. I like the video series idea.

  • At one place good luck everyone

  • I think its a great addition, could consider adding these weekly updates to the other communities (Aus/UK)

  • Short, sweet and to the point this is the perfect idea. I love it!