Welcome to Legion Weekly for December 19th!

In this semi-weekly segment, I'll be doing a quick rundown of the latest news and highlights in the Legion Community. If you want to quickly get caught up, but don't have time to browse the full site, this is the perfect show!

Featured this week:

What do you think of this video series idea? Looking to see more? Any suggestions for segments we should add or tweak? Let me know below!

  • I am personally a big fan of the discussion idea. Once in a blue moon, I feel like I'm just shooting unnecessary comments out but having a discussion is not only more involving but I can also learn more from someone else that way so cheers to that tip.

  • Another great episode in the can, as they use to say. I look forward to its return in the new year.

  • I like it, it's nice

  • Love the weekly roundup videos.  It’s pretty cool to see Lenovo taking user feedback so seriously and even implementing it.  Wonder how common this is in the industry.  I’d imagine it’s not which sets Lenovo apart.  I could be wrong.

  • Great update video Ben!