Catch an exclusive live interview with Lenovo's VP of Americas Ecommerce, Carlo!

Our first-ever Lenovo Executive interview features Carlo, who oversees ecommerce for the Americas - and is also an avid gamer!
I asked about his role at Lenovo, his background in gaming, plus tons of community-submitted questions.

Carlo will be back in the community soon, so leave any questions you have for him below!

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  • Carlo, there is from my personal experience lots of room for improvement from Lenovo to show the reality of order status and inventory allocation and shipping dates once Lenovo takes an order from a customer on the Lenovo website.  The estimated dates do not get updated and do not reflect reality and there is a disconnect between the departments when trying to resolve it. 

    Its very rough from a customer experience trying to deal with a multitude of departments and while customer service promises to provide feedback within 2-3 days, in rare occasions does someone actually follow through. 

    Due to the long delays for order completions, sometimes credit card changes need to happen, and Lenovo does not have a system in place to update payment information in advance and so it has to wait till a the authorization actually fails before they can actually update it which results in further complications for order processing.

    What I've found is that it is excruciating painful for Lenovo Canada, to complete orders and take my money :)

    Is feedback from your customers the primary mechanism by which you try and improve areas, or are there other methods by which you try to keep up to date with industry trends to know where you stand in terms of after sales customer service.

    (My personal experience dealt with ordering chromebooks on two different occasions for my kids, where a 12 day shipping estimate became a 3 month ordeal, thus a missed school semester, and another time, where a chromebook+laptop_bag order showed a 9 day shipping estimate that resulted in the bag being sent on time, but a cancellation from Lenovo 3 months later for the laptop.  The laptop bag was now outside the return window. A real-time order inventory would have allowed alternative purchases during the sales events)

    What is the biggest complication of having a better real-time inventory and estimation?  Is it still parts shortages after the affects of Covid?

  • Thanks for the interview. Always informative & interesting. 

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