We're excited to share our launch trailer showing off the Lenovo Legion Go in action!

Experience ultimate gaming flexibility with this portable gaming PC that caters to your every gaming need! The Legion Go can be used in handheld mode, docked to a monitor, or FPS mode when paired with the optional controller base. You can even enjoy gaming in the most comfortable way possible by pairing with Legion Glasses and playing in augmented reality.

Watch the video and let us know which mode you're most excited to play games in!

  • Game changer.  Say goodbye to ONEXPLAYER.  Love Lenovo! LEGION for life!

  • Legion Go and Legion Glasses is going to be so cool. I love the big display for a hand-held controller! Time to engage in some FPS.

  • It looks great!! I like where Lenovo is going with this!

  • Super impressive! I wish the Legion Go was available 20 years ago instead of the underpowered Nokia 770 Internet tablet I purchased to surf the Web... lol. It's been fun to watch the tech evolve over the years Eyes 

  • Even more amazing in video than the previews would have us hope