We’re back with the Legion Throwback Series!

We’re bringing back Throwback Thursdays in a timely fashion on the anniversary of the launch of one of our favorite teams (no bias): the Lenovo Legion Motley Squad.

Introducing the squad

Motley Squad was born out of the idea that anyone can be a gamer, and we mean anyone. Comprised of a team of four unlikely allies and led by fearless leader and Aussie esports veteran FaZe Hazz, follow the journey of the Motley Squad crew as they train to compete at the Legion of Champions tournament.

Meet the team:

[CAPTAIN] Shannon Noll/N0LLSIE

Iconic Aussie music legend – leading the charge as fearless leader of Legion’s Motley Squad

Roxy Jacenko/MotleyRoxy

PR Queen by day, WASD Queen by night

Steve Bradbury/Motley8rad8ry

Iconic Olympic gold medalist (you know the clip!)

Cassidy Stevens/MotleyCassidy

Ex-Love Island favourite

Across the next 6 weeks, check-in every Thursday to check out the next ep in our Throwback series for Motley Squad!

Do you think Motley Squad has what it takes to win LoC? Tell us your thoughts below!