If you’re going to stay at the world’s oldest underwater hotel, you might as well bring along the Lenovo Legion 7. (The hotel has wifi!)

Totally a normal thing to do…for YouTuber Ryan Trahan.

Anyway, he took “bruce” (his nickname for this beaut) along for his stay, played a little bit of Subnautica because…well, naturally. While he’s not a specs guy, you do get a good look at the oh-so-smooth framerate that our product can deliver.

You definitely want to check out the whole video. Quiiiite the wild ride.

Also, send help.

To learn more about the Lenovo Legion 7, visit Lenovo.com/Legion.

Full transparency: This was a paid partnership with Ryan Trahan.

Have you ever stayed at an underwater hotel? Do you even want to? Let us know in the comments…oh and, of course, also, pass along any other positive or negative feedback you may have on the Lenovo Legion 7.