In celebration of the recent Intel Gamer Days event, we partnered with the oh-so-aptly named Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame and the Tested team alongside our friends at PC Gamer and Intel to make a totally custom shadow box display showing off the guts of the Lenovo Legion 7i laptop.

You’ll see this elegant gaming machine completely disassembled and laid out, revealing all the “beautiful design and thoughtful engineering” (Adam’s words!) that’s normally hidden under the chassis.

To be honest, perhaps due to some Mythbusters-inspired PTSD, we were pre-wired to cringe at one of our babies being taken apart and half-expected someone to ask a crazy question like “Ya BUT CAN IT FLY?!”

Jokes aside, the Tested team were really meticulous in their execution here and we think you’ll be blown away by the end product here.

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What do you think of Adam and team’s handiwork? Cool stuff, yeah?