Alex from ShortCircuit takes a look at the Gen 8 Lenovo Legion Slim 7i.

Check out his thoughts and let us know what you think of the new generation of the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i!

  • 3 USB A ports and display port in such a thin package! Great processor, custom power distribution system , dual SD slots, capable GPU, very impressive, beautiful machine, and those keyboard effects. Can't wait to see how it handles the heat. 

  • Good review. I like that the keyboard has a full numpad because I use that all the time. That's something you rarely see in most laptops.

  • Its great product!

  • Nice, very nice. This would make a great replacement for my old desktop. Thanks the informative review.

  • Nice review! I might consider getting this instead of the normal 7, but if my experience with the slim 7 means anything I think I might stick getting a normal one.