Andreas from Selini sits down on the Legion Twitch channel for an interview with Ben Green to chat about Selini’s early-access demo.

As a solo game developer, Andreas discusses the challenges and joys of working on Selini’s story and mechanics and drops hints about how Selini will continue to grow in the future before its release!

Selini is an emotional and thought-provoking 3D single-player adventure full of colors, sounds and dreams. It explores a vast, mysterious world in a side-scrolling fashion composed in a retro-futuristic setting. The discrete but penetrating music plays an enormous role for the cocktails of emotions that each area has to offer. An old radio that plays a forgotten tune of a distant time, or a VHS tape that reveals a hint if the protagonist's obscure past.

Features from the game:

  • Enjoyable and fun puzzles including "playing" with gravity and stealth.
  • Made with love, care and enormous sacrifices from a solo developer in Greece.
  • Search for collectible items in white houses with blue windows or drive an old fishing boat on calm waters, from one fallen little port to another.

Ready to get started with Selini? Watch the video, then click here to play on Steam now.

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