UrAvgConsumer gives an overview on the new Lenovo Legion Slim 5i!

Check out what this is not only a great gaming laptop but also works great for content creation and watching media!

  • Interesting. Great product AI is the future.

  • So in basic terms I always wonder about temp issues on any slim system, if AI will boost processing capacity will this have some effect on temp concerns on this laptop? Does the AI sample data being pulled from my gaming? WHo own's that data, do I get a kick back for giving your typical AI my clicks? I know this sounds political but it really is out of curiosity.

  • That's Ok hand awesome

  • That sounds amassing, getting close a new world in virtual reality.

  • That looks super amazing! I currently use an 2011 HP dv6-3225dx i3 2.26hz. Yes I know that I'm way overdue for an upgrade, I can't play any games on it unless it's online with Stadia. Google shut that dDisappointed relievedown last year killing my only source for laptop gaming. Disappointed relieved