• What have you learned from gaming?

    Videogames, as any other art form, have storylines, visuals, action, strategy, struggle and... lessons. 

    Some games have all of those things and others just a few ones. But every real game has something to take from, even if it's just entertainment or…

  • Shoping for consoles this Christmas? Which and why?

    Was wondering what people were going to be buying for this holiday.

    if you were buying gaming consoles, xbox, PlayStation or a new laptop, which would it be and why?

    Perhaps you have a game in mind but dont have the system to play it? Or are you just…

  • Comment on (Ended) Win a Legion 5i Laptop - April 2023 Giveaway

    Bringing awareness to this for other reasons. Namely, where are the Legion socks? Why is Ben keeping them from the public? 

  • What have you read lately?

    What have you read lately?  Any medium. Novels, poems, comic books, graphic novels, long form articles.  Not the phone book though.  The cause of countless childhood accidents in the 80s.